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🔥Account activation

Friends, we're pleased to announce the launch of account activations for anyone who didn't have a Genesis box or sneaker on their wallet on the day of the app release.

⚡️ Who will get access first:

1️⃣ All users who already have NFT sneakers on their wallet. You can buy them on the marketplace: LINK (

2️⃣ Everyone who participated in the TESLA raffle and locked a minimum of 1111 $AZY. Your accounts will be activated today!

3️⃣ Players who have registered and are in line for activation in the app

⏰ All activations will be available by 6 PM UTC.

To activate your account, use the instructions ( and the wallet with which you participated in the tesla raffle or which has sneakers.

Access for Influencers👇🏻

📝 If you have your own blog or YouTube channel and want to be part of the AMAZY community, fill out this form: LINK (