AMAZY is a lifestyle app that allows you to stay in shape and earn at the same time. Walk or jog in exclusive NFT sneakers inspired by your favorite bloggers & Influencers.

Future of fitness here & now.
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Amazy cryptocurrency project with sneakers and azy tokens

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A fascinating game inside the AMAZY realverse, where you can earn by flying to the moon. Try it out by placing a bet with AZY token, watch the sneaker goes into space and the coefficient grows. Note to jump out in time to catch the prize.

What is AMAZY

AMAZY is a challenging fitness app with game-fi features. Here you wear trendy virtual sneakers and take a walk or jog to earn AMT tokens. Move more to boost your sneakers or get new ones.
In AMAZY players will be able to walk or jog as a team. Each user can buy, sell or rent sneakers at the in-app marketplace.
Our mission is to inspire people to replace the screen with fresh air and the passive lifestyle with an easy and exciting way to take care of their health.
To bring the idea into reality, we're creating the AMAZY Realverse, which will combine fitness tracking apps for a variety of usage scenarios.
nft sneakers
Upgrade your sneakers
Take part in marathons and races
Rent to friends
Add customized graphic effects to boost attributes
Create new, even cooler sneakers
The project is being created by the team that has developed dozens of mobile games with over 2 billion installs.
Just a few steps away from getting started. Read the quick guide, it will tell you how to install the applications and what to do next.
Easy start — easy go
Download crypto-exchange & crypto-wallet apps
Buy sneakers
Move, earn & get your cash
Download AMAZY app
Pick the sneakers that match your skill set
You can only earn if you own NFT sneakers and move around with your GPS mode on.

Get your sneakers from the in-app marketplace

The more sneakers you own, the higher your energy level.
The shoebox includes one pair of sneakers of random type and quality.
crypto sneakers
Sneakers Details

Equip your sneakers, walk or jog around, burn some energy & get solid rewards

Earn sneakers boxes
Review your earnings
Run with friends & gain more tokens
Share success on social
Burn AMT
Upgrade your sneakers to better performance
Mint new sneakers for sale or keeping
Swap to BUSD
Higher quality socket boosts the gem’s attribute
Sneaker characteristics
Abrasion Indicator
Available to anyone
Using a bit of gamification and move2earn as the core mechanics, AMAZY could push millions towards a healthy lifestyle.
Zero entry barrier
You don't have to own NFT to join AMAZY. Instead, you can rent assets from friends for free to get started and split the earnings later.
Learn after earn
Non-cryptocurrency holders can earn before they learn how to operate a decentralized wallet. It will also become their first step into the Web3 world.
We have created a free Academy so that every member of the AMAZY community can master the Web 3.0 world. A set of simple and practical articles about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFT awaits you.
AMAZY Academy
For crypto beginners
fitness sneakers
1-6 (KM/HR)
ranger sneakers
crypto sneakers
4-10 (KM/HR)
future sneakers
4-10 (KM/HR)
orange sneakers
1-20 (KM/HR)
8-20 (KM/HR)
fitness app
1-6 (KM/HR)
web 3.0 sneakers
amazy sneakers
1-20 (KM/HR)
pink sneakers
8-20 (KM/HR)
In-app marketplace
Flexible rent fee
Move to earn
Move to earn
In-app wallet / swap
AZY governance token
1 000 000 000 supply
AMT utility token
Unlimited supply
Supply & Earnings
You can earn AMT by moving in Solo or Background Mode. AMT has an unlimited supply.
How we make a profit
Each asset in the AMAZY app belongs to an individual user, and most of the profits in the app go to the players. We only take a small percentage from some of the activities in the app, such as NFT trading, sneakers minting and sneakers rent.
We will donate a portion of our income to help people with disabilities participate in sports and recreational events.
AMT Burning (Destruction) Mechanics:
Players will be able to walk together, buy/sell or rent their sneakers in the in-app marketplace.
Sneakers service
Unlocking the sneakers sockets
Upgrade / Boost the sneakers box
Fee for customization
Level up sneakers
Upgrade gems
Q2 2022
Q1 2022
Q3 2022
Q4 2022
Q1 2023
Agreed application concept
Launched Miles app in the
App store
Team formed
Engaged bloggers, Influencers and celebrities as partners
Launched a website and social networks
Assembled the community-focused team
AMAZY NFT sneakers contest launched
Signing launchpad for the public round
Marketplace launch on Binance Smart Chain
First wave of sneaker boxes sales launch
Beta launch for first NFT owners
Launching contests and social networking activities to build a Whitelist for public sale of NFTs and tokens
Launching a closed beta version of the app
Development of AMAZY academy to educate newbies
Public round of token sales on launchpads and by whitelists
Token listing on DEX/CEX
The app public release
Listing on the exchanges
Modification of the M2E app and introducing new mechanics
Signing exchanges for token listing
Publication project’s tokenomics
Publication project’s Whitepaper
The Chips — new in-app feature
The release of AMAZY: FIGHT CLUB, a new F2P&P2E project in the ecosystem
The release of AMAZY: TO THE MOON game
Advertising campaigns for new platform apps launch
Progressive referral program launch in the M2E app
Exclusive NFT drops with Influencers and brands
Activation of competitions and leaderboards
Launch of new training and learning mechanics rewarded with tokens
Achievement system development
Over 500 mentions in press, featuring:
Sergey Kosenko
Artem Nikolaev
Stanislav Zhupin
Ilya Podoynitsyn
Blogger, 5.5M followers, 130k+ crypto community, 15+ years Entrepreneur,
6+ years Kosenko Media Agency with celebrities and bloggers
Co-Founder Azur Games (2,5B+ total installs), AzurDrive, Gvidon Games
Crypto Enthusiast, Crypto Investor in 50+ projects
Launched 10+ blockchain products as CTO. Highly experienced in fintech, NFT & DeFi development
Fed Balvanovich
Sarids Leelakasamelerk
Art director, founder of Movie Park Production, created commercials
for Apple, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, H&M.
Founder & CEO of Crypto Cup. Advisor to numerous gaming projects such as Wirtual and Bluca. Key opinion leader at many top-ranked startups and venture funds such as RedKite & GameFi, Seedify, DAO Maker.
Fintech and blockchain expert, PayApp, Everscale, core team Broxus, CBDO Crypterium.
Blockchain advisor
Alex Vorobev
Marketing expert, 10+ years in digital marketing, ex-CMO AzurDrive, BCS Financial group.
Marketing Consultant
Basil Istomin
C-level executive with 15+ years of international business experience.
Entrepreneur, a guru in Fintech and Gaming sectors. Startup-oriented crypto & NFT enthusiast.
Aleksandr Avin
Entrepreneur and Web 3.0 investor with 25 years of experience. Founder of BlockRock Capital investment fund, educational platform and the Ethereum Competence Center in Russia. Creator of the author's course "Cryptoinvestor".
Advisor & Investor
Vladislav Martynov
All AMAZY project officials provide feedback on any issues exclusively in the public domain. If you have an offer to buy tokens or sneakers in private messages, you can be sure they are scammers.
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